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These days, everyone is interested in hodling some crypto coins; most people do not want to miss out on another spike of crypto coins.

However, we already know that the crypto market is uncertain and that most people do not dare to lose most of their hard-earned money.

The need to earn crypto-coins has made them look for ways by which they can earn cryptocurrency but at a minimum risk and effort. 

There abound various ways by which one can earn cryptocurrency nowadays, and some of them include;

Buying Cryptocurrency

Most things in life are purchased, and that is the same thing with crypto coins. You can buy crypto coins from exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, etc. All you will have to do is sign up for an account with your email address, do the necessary verifications, and you will be on your way to having your coins. 

Mining Crypto

Mining may be a great and easy way (for most people) to earn some coins, but not all currencies support mining. Mining involved solving complex mathematical equations. This equation aims at validating blocks of transactions before they become available on the market. 

So, mining rewards anyone who can validate the transaction with a virtual token. To start mining crypto coins, for instance, Bitcoin, you need to join a mining network. Here, you will be required to pay a joining fee, split the rewards, and work with other miners to mine. Etheruem, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, etc., are the best cryptocurrency that you can mine presently. 

Staking crypto

If you want to increase your crypto stock, it is a good idea to stake your coins. But, you have to hold a lot of crypto to be qualified for this. 

Defi Yield Farming

Defi yield Farming is also known as Decentralized Finance projects, and it comes with a reward system that looks more like a bond market. Defi Yield farming is, therefore, a method of generating crypto rewards by locking your coins. You will be rewarded with interest if you agree to lock up your funds and grant liquidity to a token. 

Join Airdrops

Daily, crypto projects are coming up, and Airdrops are a great way of taking advantage of such Projects. The new crypto project usually use airdrops campaigns to create a community around their projects. And this help crypto enthusiast to discover upcoming projects, and acquire tokens as well. So users perform specific tasks and receive some of the tokens as rewards. Now, when the project hits the market, the Tokens becomes valuable for cash. 

Promote projects through microtasks

Microtasks may look a bit like airdrop tasks, but they are a bit difficult. That is because Airdrops offers tasks like following the projects’ social media channels. Sharing posts, signing up on their platform, and downloading their apps. But microtasks focus on creating a video review, writing testimonials, writing press releases, as well as distributing a promotional video. 

For your airdrops and microtasks task, you may have to check up on; 99Airdrops, Airdrop Alert, Bounties Alert, etc. 


There are lots of platforms that allow freelancing in exchange for payment in cryptocurrency. These platforms use blockchain technology that facilitates the operation between the client and the freelancer. One can start freelancing in Ethlance, Cryptocurency jobs, etc.

Accept Crypto payments

Anyone who owns an e-commerce website should consider accepting payment with crypto coins. Shopify or WooCommerce allows merchants to take 50; and more than 300 coins as payment on their website, respectively. All you need to do is to make the necessary installation, and you are good to go. 

Consider using Cryptocurrency and Payment platforms

In here, you can earn by depositing and picking up interest or taking advantage of the platform’s cashback functionalities. So using a card from a fintech company will allow you to gain some of your money back every time you spend it. 

Gambling with crypto bonuses

1xBIt or WOLF.BET offers login bonuses, but you will need to deposit a minim amount when you want to withdraw. So, you have to be careful where you take your gambling skills to.

Earn from crypto faucets

Without investing, you can earn money through faucets. It is likely to take some time-the revenue generated in the long term is worth the wait. The task will be to watch ads, complete surveys, play games, etc. You can cash out once you reach the minimum withdrawal level. 


These are the simple way one can earn crypto coins, and the toughest is trading crypto coins. Before you start, endeavor to get yourself a crypto wallet, and you will be on your way to Hodling some coin. 

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What Is Qubitlife?

Qubitlife refers to the invention  of  a combined ecosystem based on quantum technologies and  dispensation of platform resources between users.

Qubitlife renders users  an impressive way to earn bonus and rewards based on the use of quantum computing and provides access to the platforms of strategic partners..


Qubitlife is officially registered in England and whales, Thailand and Virginia island.


To start earning on qubitlife you have to purchase a digital license in other to start earning 25% monthly which runs for a period of 10 months which 250% ROI.

In qubitlife you can only purchase a digital license and withdraw with bitcoin or  Ethereum.

 Other Qubitlife Benefits

In qubitlife there are 5 types of earning bonus which are:

a.       Direct bonus/  Binary bonus

• To activate the Affiliate Program, you must have one affiliate user on the right binary leg and one more on the left binary leg.

 • A binary bonus is awarded daily if Qubitlife’s affiliates have enough points on their left and right binary legs

. • Counting a binary pair occurs by the number of points in the weak binary leg.

 • The minimum withdrawal amount is 10 USDT, and the weekly withdrawal limit is 100% of your license's activated.

 • The weekly limit for receiving a binary bonus is equal to the total cost of licenses by user-activated.

• The monthly limit for receiving binary bonuses is 400,000 USDT.

b.    Matching Bonus

Matching bonus is calculated as a percentage of the Binary bonuses that were received by users who registered by your referral link. The number of active lines to receive Matching bonus depends on the Rank achieved by the user and can include up to 10 active lines in-depth. Bonus accrual WEEKLY To receive a bonus you need: • on the first side (left or right) the real USDT volume is not less than 30% in relation to the second side (left or right); • total sales of licenses (on the first line) more than 2,500 USDT. Statistics are calculated weekly on Monday at 00:00 UTC

c.       Rank bonus

In in order to reach new Ranks, it is important to maintain proportion for binary legs. The binary proportion is based on the volume of USDT from digital licenses activation by users (excluding your sponsor's USDT volume) who registered by your referral link. The largest volume of USDT on a binary leg can be both in the left and right legs. To obtain Rank 7 and above, you must have a corporate license activated of 10,000 USDT or more

d.      Quick Start Bonus

Within 15 days, any user can get an unlimited number of digital licenses from 100 USDT to 100,000 USDT as a reward by inviting 2 new users to the strong leg, and 2 new users to the weak leg (4 new users in total). After 4 months from receipt of gift licenses, the user must sell at least 1 new digital license every 30 days (on the first line). If the condition is not met, all gift licenses will be deactivated. The condition comes into effect on February 1, 2021.


To become a full Member of qubitlife you need to Register Here or Here then purchase any of the following packages displayed blow.




100 usdt


500 usdt



1000 usdt


5000 usdt



10,000 usdt


25,000 usdt



50,000 usdt


100,000 usdt



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Water is one of those liquids that we cannot live without. It satisfies our thirst, and it is necessary for blood circulation too. Water helps us stay alive, often anyone can drink water without food. 
The essence of drinking water thus, cannot be emphasized. This is because we need water most importantly for digestion. The food that we consume needs to be properly digested and this is where water comes into focus.

Drinking clean water cuts across just boiling it, most people prefer to drink from the branded ones. This means they prefer to drink bottled water, as compared to tap water.

What informs their decision is the fact that bottled water has been purified, and concentrated for human consumption. They believe so much in the capacity and sincerity of the company to give them only the best water, bottled
However, if one finds himself in a situation whereby he just finishes an intense workout and is looking for a bottle of cold water. He opens the seal, and when he brings the bottle to his lips, he notices that the expiry date indicates that the water had expired two months ago. And then, he will begin to notice that the bottle looked a little dusty too.

Does he have any reason to worry?

Of course, he doesn’t. This is because the water in the bottle does not spoil. Having a freshness date on a water bottle is simply as logical as having an expiration date for sugar or salt.
Instead it is the bottle that expires, and not the water, and there are several reasons why water bottles may expire. The main factor is government bureaucracy which requires that for as long as water is a consumable food product it is subject to laws requiring expiration dates on all consumables.

Also, although the water itself is not damaged, the plastic bottle which contains the water will "expire" and will eventually begin to seep unhealthy chemicals into the water. 

This won't necessarily make the water toxic as you may think, but it might make it taste less than freshwater. Therefore, if consumers contact beverage companies to complain that the water they bought several years ago is beginning to taste bad, bottlers may indicate that they didn't drink it before the expiration date, and this was the consumer’s fault.

Additionally, many companies fill water with the same machines which they use to fill soda and other drinks that have expired and must eventually have an expiration date. And as such, it is easier and more efficient to put a seal on all bottles always, rather than customizing a special machine for just bottled water.

Finally, expiration dates on products are usually only one item of printed code that also specifies the date, packaging manufacturer, and other information that may be required in the future. So even though the expiration date itself is meaningless when we are considering water spoilage, manufacturing information provided on the bottle may be helpful in tracking contamination, and packaging errors, whenever the need arises.

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When one body emits a scent, others may find it unpleasant, and this scent is known as body odor. Body odor usually becomes apparent if no action is taken when a person reaches puberty, or in the process of reaching puberty. People who are a bit obese, those, who regularly eat spicy foods, and people with certain medical conditions, such as diabetes, are more sensitive to body odor, than others.
People who sweat a lot, may also be found to be overly sensitive to body odor. However, often the salt level of their sweat is rather too high for the bacteria to break down easily, and so it depends on where the excessive sweating occurs and the type of sweat that it is.

Sweat seems to be almost odorless to humans, but it is the accelerated multiplication of microorganisms in the presence of sweat and the possible disintegration into acids that ultimately causes the unpleasant odor that we experience.

Body odor is more likely to occur in certain body parts such as legs, groin, armpits, genitals, pubic hair, belly button, anus, behind the ears, and the rest of the skin, to a lesser extent. 

Body odor can have a pleasant and specific odor on the person and can be used to identify people most times, especially dogs and other animals. Each person's unique smell can be affected by diet, gender, health, as well as medication, too.

What Are The Causes Of Body Odor?

Body odor is caused by bacteria that dissolves sweat and is highly associated with the responsive glands too. These glands are located in regions like the chest, genital area, eyelids, armpits, as well as the ear. In the breasts, these glands secrete droplets of fat into the breast milk. And, in the ear, they help create and produce ear wax. The responsive glands in the skin and eyelids are also sweat glands.
Most of the responsive glands in the skin are located somewhere around the groin, armpits, and around the nipples. On the skin, they usually smell, because they are the odor glands.

Responsive glands are primarily responsible for the odor of the body, because the sweat they produce is rich in proteins, whereby the pathogenic bacteria break down as soon as possible.


    Keep the armpits region clean by washing regularly using antibacterial soap and this will make the number of bacteria to reduce, thereby, resulting in less body odor.

    When the armpits have hair, it slows down the evaporation of sweat, thereby, giving the bacteria more time to dissolve them into odorous substances, which we occasionally perceive. However, Shaving the armpits regularly has been found to help control body odor in this area.

    The use of Deodorant or antiperspirant makes the skin more acidic, thereby, making it more difficult for bacteria to grow. An antiperspirant blocks the sweating of the glands, resulting in less sweating as well. 

    Stinky feet are less of a social problem than body odor does, because the unpleasant odor is usually contained in mostly our shoes and socks. However, the smell can become apparent if the person with smelly feet visits a house where shoes are removed before entering, and this can be really embarrassing. 

    Therefore, washing your feet at least once a day with hot water is better for killing bacteria than cold water. Make sure you dry your feet well later, and do so by concentrating on the region between your toes.

    The socks you wear must let the sweat evaporate, and the best socks for these purposes are those made from a combination of fiber and man-made wool.

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We are now in a free world where the internet has been the talk of the day where people love making money online.

Here on know it now dot info, we love gilding and unveiling the things one needs both online and offline.

On this very topic now, we are going to reveal to you how to identify fake and scam online business sites that promise to pay you heaven and earth which have turned many internet users' financial breakdown like MMM and others.

Yes when we talk of online business, many people are making a lot of money online while many are also being scam online due to the lack of knowledge in identifying fake online biz sites.

Let me just share a little experience I had in the past about making money online which ends up eating and squandering my hard earned money. I'm the kind of guy that loves internet and also loves to make money from it but many turned to be fake like nairaflow, wakanda, and many other online platforms like peer to peer and refer and get paid 

How To Identify Fake/scam Online Business Sites

  • Those telling you to you to invest and earn ×2, ×3,×4 and so on in 24 to 72 hours are scammers.

  • An online business that doesn't have a contact gateway like phone number, business email address are 💯 scammers.

  • Those online businesses telling you to pay a member to receive X2 by merging two people to pay you are criminals.

  • Those telling you it's mandatory to refer to people before you earn are pure scammers.

  • Those telling you to earn bitcoin, ethereum on telegram through the help of telegram boys are pure criminals.

  • Those sites telling you to mine $10 BTC, eth, and others to get x10 in 24 hours are thieves.

  • Those sites telling you to view ads being displayed on their sites are criminals, they are using you to make  money while you work for them without pay.

  • Those telling you to watch short videos on their site, Facebook, Instagram and get paid per watch are pure scammers, they are using you for rituals.

As we have known the few ways scammers use in scamming us in the name of earning online, I think this above will help in identifying a fake online earning site.

Also we can identify a fake online earning site by using scamadviser in analysing the site to see the 
  • creator name
  • Site duration
  • Site score
  • Site review
  • Site technical contact
  • Owner's address
And many more.

"Many are called but few are chosen" -Bible Quote

"Many online earning sites are online but few are legit"- Real Winner Quote

Note: Be  wise and always analyse a site before funding and investing your money 

To see tested and trusted online earning sites always visit Realwinner dot com dot ng.

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Yes on this topic I'm going to discuss and review the counta  measures one can use  to prevent his or her  Facebook account being hacked by  criminals.

Facebook as  known, has been the number one social media platform across the globe where  many online users interact with their friends and also perform the following Like voice call, video call,  view friends pictures and also see trending markets in the world of business.

But as a legal owner or registered member of a Facebook account do you know that your account can be hacked by hackers, scammers or internet criminals?

Many people always ask, what do these hackers use my  Facebook account to do? 

But I tell you they use your Facebook account they hacked to perform many illegal activities online.

Now let me tell you what they use your hacked Facebook account to do.

  1. They use it to steal money from your friends.
In this way, when your Facebook account is being hacked like you are a pastor, business man and the rest they will use it to request money from your friends in which your friend might think you were the one that did request for such.

Like previously, I logged in to my Facebook account and I just saw a message from my uncle who is a pastor telling me that he saw death in my family last night on his dream and has prayed against it but I should sow a seed of faith to his account no, I just laughed because I knew his account has been hacked.

What did I do next? I decided to publish a post to my friends telling them not to listen to any message from my uncle's account, that those messages are not from him, that his Facebook account has been hacked by the criminal.

  1. They use your Facebook account to do illegal business.
This one is the one we regard as Yahoo Yahoo. 
In this way they always find a Facebook account that has been valid for years so they can use it to steal money from all these businessmen or women telling them they have been into so.. so.. so business that they will like to partner with you. And you know the worst part is that they  will go online to find a good product you might like, then send it to you so that you will think they are real and legit, they will also send you prices telling you to pay before the goods will be delivered to you.

So now we know what those hacker's use your Facebook account to do, let's see how to prevent them from hacking your's.

How to prevent your Facebook account been hacked by hackers

➡️ Always put a strong password that will not be easy to guess (always combine alphabet,numbers and symbols ) to your passwords.

➡️ Always hide some of your identities online

➡️ Don't put your Facebook registered phone number online

➡️ Always log out of your Facebook account before giving your phone out or always lock your Facebook app with an external app lock.

➡️ Always switch off your auto password saver on your browser for Facebook

➡️ Don't use your Facebook account to sign up for other accounts which are not popular, legal or authorized.

➡️ Always use two- factor authentication
See how to do that below……

How to activate Facebook two-factor authentication

➡️ Login to your Facebook account

➡️click on the three arrows at the right side of your Facebook account.  See screenshot below

➡️ Scroll down and click on "settings"

➡️ Scroll down and click on "security and login"

➡️ Now click on "use two-factor authentication"

➡️  Now Click on "use authentication app"

➡️  Copy the code displayed

➡️ Now go to your "Authentication App"

➡️ Click on the + Button 

➡️ Click on enter Generated Key, now paste the code you copied from Facebook 

➡️ click Ok or Submit

➡️  On your Authentication App you will see a code, now copy the code

➡️ Go back to Facebook and paste the code  and click on "Continue"

Congratulations, your Facebook account has been protected successfully.

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Have a nice day…..

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Hello viewers, welcome to the where we help you with guilds and tips site. 

I am here to pointout to you ways to insert, upload , direct download hyperlink in blogger weblog posts.

To upload a direct download link in blogger, right here we create direct download link for blog with the use of google drive, if we have got a blog where we share  audio files, video for watch, software for downloads, android apps or information for downloads or view, then we first upload them in one vicinity like Google Drive, now here we copy the share link from google drive and now post it to our blogger blog then publish it for our viewers and visitors to download and luxuriate in it on their smartphone or PC. 

Now site visitors will come to our blogger publication, then they'll click at the download link or button, then the location visitors will visit the download preview choice of google drive, here we'll provide the direct download hyperlink to the visitors, in order that he can download the file easily on one click. 

Create Direct Download Hyperlinks For Documents:- 

STEP 1: visit google drive and click on on the blue new button then click document or folder upload link. upload direct download link in blogger step 2 below

Step 2: Here we upload any documents or folders. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 3 below

Step 3: Here we properly click on the record that you simply want to share and click on on share... link. 
add direct download link in blogger step 4 below

Step 4: On this pop up window we click on get shareable link. 
upload direct download link in blogger step 5 below

Step 5: Now click on the copy link button or you press Ctrl c on your PC and click on the blue finished button. upload direct download link in blogger step 6 below

Step 6: now open Google Drive hyperlink generator and that we paste that hyperlink into the primary text container then click the generate button. 
add direct download link in blogger step 7 below

Step 7: Right here now what we will do now is to  copy the generated direct link we got from the Google drive link generator. 
upload direct download hyperlink in blogger step 8 below

Step 8: Visit your blogger dashboard Go to your post put up and pick the textual content that you simply give hyperlink then click on hyperlink choice.
 add direct download link in blogger step 9 below

Step 9 Now paste the generated  hyperlink to where you want it to be on your post or content. 

Step 10: Click  ok button and publish

With this mentioned above steps i think that adding a file to your blog from your google drive account won't be a hindrance, be it for download or view only.

 Pls if you find this useful pls comment and share our post…….