Monday, February 10, 2020


Nowadays,one can easily purchase a share online and earn him or herself dividends either daily,weekly or monthly with the platform called FAST2ERN.

What is fast2earn all about? Fast2earn is a stock exchange platform that has been into existence for many years ago that pays it's customer's daily,weekly or even monthly on their home page wallet.

How can one earn with this platform?

There are many ways one can earn with this plaform,they are as follows:-

  • 1.Buying shares
What is a share? A share is a unit of ownership of a company as defined by Google.
HuBuying a share from a company make the buyer a shareholder of that company and you are entitled to earn it's dividends paid directly to your account.
By buying a share from fast2earn their are basically two you earn by buying shares with this platform.
i. Buying shares and earning dividends: In this way you earn by purchasing a share(s) from a company and you earn it's dividends paid into your home page wallet account which can be withdrawn anytime.

ii.Buying and Selling of shares: This where one earn more by purchasing a share from this platform.
Assuming a share fells to $3 and  you bought maybe 5 of that share which is $3x5 share which is $15 and now it later rose back to $20 you can resell it at $15 each i.e $15x5 share =$75.
 then let's do the maths 
You bought 5 shares at $3 which is a tital of $15 and later it rose back to $20 each and you resell it at $15 each which will be $15 x 5 shares =$75 that means you will earn profit of $60 after subtracting your capital from the total amount sold.
Selling of this share(s) is automatically,the system will automatically sell the share for you i.e selling of shares is on don't need to struggle to sell your shares online the system does that automatically.

  • 2.Fixed deposit
This simply where you earn the most on this platform. Fast2earn fixed deposit is actually the same fixed deposit we run with our local banks in our various countries like diamond bank,access,Fcmb,Ecobank and so on.

With fast2earn fixed deposit you fix your funds or money for a period of time which when due you collect it back with interest. In fast2earn you can fux your money for either 1month validity with a minimum deposit of $30 and maximum of $202.04 and 3months validity with a minimum of $90 and maximum of $606.11 which all your interests will be paid directly to your fast2earn homepage wallet or directly to your bit coin account .

Fast2earn pays 40% of your money you deposited into your fixed deposit account.

This is where members can earn small or little amount of money by inviting his or her friends,family members to the platform and earn 51% of the shares they purchase.
See screenshot below

This is a platform on fast2earn in which members can help members by lending some funds or money to each other and receive interest after the lending period.
See screenshot below

Performing tasks
This is actually the prices in which fast2earn rewards it's members by performing some specific task through different social media more especially on forums.
Example: you post some companies adverts on forums you get paid after they might have verified that you have posted the advert on a forum or blog.

How to register in fast2earn 
To become a full member of fast2earn simple Click Here To Register for free.
Click below to know
How to pay/withdrawals from fast2earn

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