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Before reading this first if all know how this fast2earn works and how to make money from fast2earn by simply clicking on HOW TO BUY SHARE'S ONLINE AND EARN DIVIDENDS
to know more about this system.
To buy a share online you need to follow this simple steps below in other to purchase or withdraw from this platform successfully.

How to buy a pay for a share from fast2earn

To buy a specific share you need to know the steps by step no how to purchase that share successfully with making mistakes.

There are many ways one can use to purchase a share on fast2earn they are as follows:-
  • Through bitcoin wallet
  • Through paypal account
  • Through litecoin wallets
  • Through card[debit or credit cards]
  • Through perfect money

But the most easiest way among those mentioned above is through bitcoin wallet with the help of luno bitcoin account.

Follow this simple steps to fund or purchase a share on fast2earn.
  • Download the luno app here
  • Click here to Register on luno account
  • Fund your luno account with the of share you wants to buy
  • Go to your fast2earn account
  • Click on the shares you wants to buy.the system will automatically redirects you to the shares link where a dialogue box will appear,then input the total number of share you wants to buy.
  • Choose bitcoin wallet as a payment gateway.
  • Click on purchase
See screenshot below
  • A dialogue box will display showing you the bit coin account to send your funds to.
See screenshopurchase
  • Then click on confirmation payment
See screenshot above
  • Click on lunch the bit coin system software as seen on the picture above.
  • The system will now redirects you to the luno app you downloaded.then input the amount of bit coin you want to send to 
see screenshot below
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  • After that your shares will be successfully ppurchased
Check your fast2earn account daily you will notice that your account is increasing.

How to withdraw from fast2earn account
To withdraw your funds to your local banks account from fast2earn  account you must have a minimum of $8 before you can request for withdrawal which will be sent to your desires withdrawal gateway either through the following ways:-
  • Through your bitcoin wallet or account
  • Through your litecoin account
  • Through your paypal account 
  • Through your perfect money account
See screenshot below

Follow this simple steps to withdraw
  • Click on this box below
  • Click on fiance
See screenshot below
  • Click on withdraw
See screenshot below
  • Then a dialogue box appears as shown below
  • Then input the amount you want to withdraw.make sure your account is equivalent to or higher than  the amount you want to withdraw from.
  • After that click on withdraw

After clicking on withdrawal wait for like 24 to 48hrs your preferred withdrawal account will be credited.

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