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With top news, members who complete a task are rewarded with a certain quantity of points which you can redeem/withdraw there points  as real airtime or direct bank account.

Top news pays individuals by sending them airtime or direct bank deposit, 

With top news, participants can earn more than ₦1000 every week for time  spent on their platform like sharing and analyzing(read )news, referring a friend, and taking part in their unique giveaway competition.

Underneath Are The Breakdown Of The Activities That Rewards You On Topnews.

Top news earning analysis
Instant registration bonus
100 points
Analyzing or reading news
2 point
Referring your family and friends
50 point
Sharing information or posts
5 point
Posting or adding new articles to the site
1000 points
Commenting on posts
10 points
click lower back (whilst a person examine the news you shared on whatsapp
5 points
Each 10 point is equal to NGN1 (one naira)

special month-to-month giveaways for daily energetic individuals    winners get ₦3,000, ₦5,000, ₦10,000

About Top New
Topnews  is a multi-writer news and entertainment network, an internet supply to get breaking global news on commercial enterprise, sports activities, generation, lifestyle, and extra. motion pictures, photos, and interviews.

Top News is all about content. They construct merchandise that help you create, proportion, and monetize your virtual content material in Nigeria.

At Top News users proportion interesting testimonies, images, quiz,day by day thought ,way of life and so forth., and are made seen upon approval.

Can I Withdraw My Points?

 Topnews withdrawal is executed each day simply with the aid of doing easy responsibilities. as soon as you've got as much as 2000 points. you may request for withdrawal wherein your points could be converted to airtime or cash. eg two hundred naira airtime. you may find the withdrawal form on your profile segment.

What Does This Saying Means 
"click lower back (whilst a person examine the news you shared on whatsapp"

a. when you share posts on Facebook,whatsapp,twitter you earn 5 points
b. whilst someone reads what you shared on fb, twitter or whatsapp you earn 5 points

Instance: whenever you share a post and 50 humans click on the link and read  what you shared, you earn NGN250.
i.e; 50 human beings x 5 points = 250 points

Tips: don’t rely on the simplest proportions, make certain other human beings click on and examine what you shared. This may help you to earn extra.

How To Become A Member By Registering On Top News
Registration on top news is free. you'll receive one hundred points (100 points ) as a sign up bonus when you sign up.

How Do Topnews.Ng Earn Revenue?

Topnews earns sales through their custom advertising system, like sponsored blog posts, google adsense, receives a commission for writing reviews and so forth and pays you a few parts of it for your mobile data  spending.

  How Can  I Be Able To Withdraw My Earnings?

Members can withdraw their earnings by way of clicking on “withdrawal” from your profile, then fill the form by entering your bank details, and wait for at least  48 hours to acquire your earnings.

Notice: Withdrawal is for people who have attained the minimum withdrawal balance of 2000 points. you can withdraw your incomes every day and we pay you within the space of  48 hours.

What Are The Anticipated Earnings?

 The estimated profits which you see on your dashboard are estimates of your latest account pastime. Those incomes aren’t finalized till  you request for Cash out and this doesn't always reflect the amount you’ll be paid. 

How Can I Earn To Refer  My Family And Friends To The System?

Log in and go straight to your profile page you will discover your referral hyperlink then copy it out and also you may share it directly to social media.

 What's A Leaderboard?

Topnews leaderboard is a tremendous way to discover, spotlight, and motivate active users, and customers who locate the manner to leaderboard top 10 are rewarded. the user with the highest range of points inside the leaderboard is given greater points reward.

 What Is The Price Amount Given To Leaderboard Winners?

 Users who find their way to top 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, get rewarded with 4k,3k,2k,1k points respectively.

What's The Timeframe Used In Leaderboard Calculations?

The  leaderboard is always  runned on a weekly base, it simply means that, for each week, new customers emerge and after the week the leaderboard is refreshed as quickly as the rating is known to the winners.

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