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Before I head up to the main details of this topic let me ask some questions here

  • ➡Are you a smartphone owner?

  • ➡Are you a game lover?

  • ➡Do you play games on your phone but don't get anything in return?

Here at Realwinner site we disclose and unveil the secrets on money making Online.

Without much time wasted here are the truth of the matter of making money by playing online games with an app by just playing games like snooker,dice, ludo, and whot.

I really know and believe, many people will doubt me and start saying...
This is a scam 
This is a scam
but I tell you it is 100% legit and real.

The platform we are talking about is called Chopbarh (A.K.A. Chopbarh,Chop Them).

What Is Chopbarh?
Chopbar is an app that helps game lovers,gamblers and money earning lovers make money by just playing our daily games online and get paid such as snooker, dice, ludo, shot etc.

How Does The System Work?
Follow the following step by step in order to earn successfully using this great online game earner.

Details Below

  1. Go to google play store or click here for download link

  1. Search and download chopbarh app

  1. Install on your phone and open

  1. Register with your full details

  1. On promotion code Or referral code input 08060079245 

in order to get a registration bonus put in the promotion code as shown above.

  1. Click on play games

  1. Choose game of your choice as shown in the app

  1. Choose the amount to play with starting from NGN 170 which is 100 coins.

  1. Click submit and wait for the system to peer you with somebody to play with.

  1. Peer successful and amount debited and start playing

But in case you exhaust your  registration bonus follow these steps to fund your account.

How To Fund Your Chopbar Account
To credit your chopbarh account simply follow these simple steps and methods below.

Funding Methods
➡Buying coins online via card, bank transfer, quickteller and others

➡Buying chopbarh voucher via whatsapp (manual)

To fund follow this steps

  • ➡Go to chopbarh app

  • ➡Login with your details

  • ➡Click on buy coins at the left hand side of your home menu

  • ➡Choose purchasing gateway

  • Either (debit card, bank transfer or quickteller ) or voucher via WhatsApp voucher vendor.

Funding With Voucher Via Whatsapp
  1. ➡Click on chopbarh voucher via WhatsApp (manual)

  1. ➡WhatsApp number of voucher vendors displayed

  1. ➡Choose any one you want to buy from and chat him/ her up

  1. ➡Follow the instructions from the vendor in other to get a voucher code

  1. ➡After getting the voucher code 
  2. Go to your chopbarh app

  1. ➡Login with details

  1. ➡Click on buy coins

  1. ➡Select load chopbarh voucher

  1. ➡Input the 16 digit voucher code gotten from the vendor

  1. ➡Click on Recharge and account credited successfully.

Also with chopbarh you can get free coins by just referring your friends to the platform by telling them to input your registered phone number as promotion/referral code.

 To withdraw your earnings 
click on withdraw on the chopbarh menu to get started.

Note: on chopbarh you don't play games with robots, like I remember when I told one of my family members he said it is a scam that I should forget about them that am going to play games with a robot.

But I tell you it's a lie because while playing games with your partner you can communicate with each other by sending out emojis or text.

Pls, If you find this topic helpful never hesitate to share your opinion by hitting the comment section below.

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