Sunday, August 2, 2020


We are now in a free world where the internet has been the talk of the day where people love making money online.

Here on know it now dot info, we love gilding and unveiling the things one needs both online and offline.

On this very topic now, we are going to reveal to you how to identify fake and scam online business sites that promise to pay you heaven and earth which have turned many internet users' financial breakdown like MMM and others.

Yes when we talk of online business, many people are making a lot of money online while many are also being scam online due to the lack of knowledge in identifying fake online biz sites.

Let me just share a little experience I had in the past about making money online which ends up eating and squandering my hard earned money. I'm the kind of guy that loves internet and also loves to make money from it but many turned to be fake like nairaflow, wakanda, and many other online platforms like peer to peer and refer and get paid 

How To Identify Fake/scam Online Business Sites

  • Those telling you to you to invest and earn ×2, ×3,×4 and so on in 24 to 72 hours are scammers.

  • An online business that doesn't have a contact gateway like phone number, business email address are 💯 scammers.

  • Those online businesses telling you to pay a member to receive X2 by merging two people to pay you are criminals.

  • Those telling you it's mandatory to refer to people before you earn are pure scammers.

  • Those telling you to earn bitcoin, ethereum on telegram through the help of telegram boys are pure criminals.

  • Those sites telling you to mine $10 BTC, eth, and others to get x10 in 24 hours are thieves.

  • Those sites telling you to view ads being displayed on their sites are criminals, they are using you to make  money while you work for them without pay.

  • Those telling you to watch short videos on their site, Facebook, Instagram and get paid per watch are pure scammers, they are using you for rituals.

As we have known the few ways scammers use in scamming us in the name of earning online, I think this above will help in identifying a fake online earning site.

Also we can identify a fake online earning site by using scamadviser in analysing the site to see the 
  • creator name
  • Site duration
  • Site score
  • Site review
  • Site technical contact
  • Owner's address
And many more.

"Many are called but few are chosen" -Bible Quote

"Many online earning sites are online but few are legit"- Real Winner Quote

Note: Be  wise and always analyse a site before funding and investing your money 

To see tested and trusted online earning sites always visit Realwinner dot com dot ng.

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