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Networking is something every business is doing. This is revealed in businesses such as Telecommunication, through the sales of Sim Cards, Recharge Vouchers, etc. 

Networking is found in social media businesses such as Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter, etc. An individual who owns a laptop computer or a desktop is without any doubt in Bill gate’s network.

Jeff Bezos business in Amazon is an example of networking too, as people buy and sell products on his site. Our Nigerian food such as Sugar, Salt, Spaghetti, Noodles, etc. defines Dangote’s network as well.

The bank is a form of network, as well as an organization and company where an individual is working with.

Therefore, to be financially stable and free, you have to learn to build networks. This is because building networks means you are building a team of like minds, which will propel you to the financial position that you desired.

SOLMAX GLOBAL is, therefore, a marketing partner for IGNITER 100. This is because SOLMAX GLOBAL has been given an exclusive marketing agreement to market IGNITER 100’s projects or businesses. 

So they promote and build a community of investors, brokers, and those who can use IGNITER 100 projects. E.g. Igniter academy, business or portfolio. This portfolio involves high potential external and internal projects.

Ultimately, IGNITER 1000 is an off-site tech incubator investing in FINTECH companies that evolves the global financial system. Their target is some of the largest sectors in the UK like Real Estate, Blockchain, E-Banking, E-commerce, and Energy.

You will become an affiliate in IGNITER 100 where you will be buying shares with them through their Partner, SOLMAX GLOBAL. The company was founded by CFO Abdul Rehman and COO Florian Kruger, in August 2017.

The company has been registered and identified by the Registration Number 10920141 and VAT Registration Number GB81458192. IGNITER 100 has offices in London and started its operations in South Africa in mid- April 2020.

To become a member of the SOLMAX GLOBAL you have to register. This registration is done by using the referral link which will be given to you by the person who introduced you.

Once you have registered, you have to buy packages, to benefit from the company. These packages range between 50 and 500 pounds. And the packages differ by the different number of shares allocated to it. 

The shares determine the percentage returns you will receive daily. The percentage returns range between 1% and 2% depending on the package that you have purchased and the number of people you referred to.

1% ROI is strictly for those who buy packages without introducing anyone to the business. This ROI will be received every day from Monday to Friday for 200 days.

However, 2% will be awarded to those who introduce at least 3 people and above and their ROI will be received from Monday to Friday for 100 days. Your ROI is withdrawable once it reaches a Minimum of £30. And the money can be withdrawn to your local bank or your crypto wallet.

There is a long-term investment and this is possible if you choose to lock your shares. This in essence means once you decide not to withdraw your ROI, you will have them locked up. This share will stay the shares are listed in the UK listing market between March and April 2021. 

Once the locked shares are listed, you can find how much ROL you will be received by the method explained below;

You will determine the number of shares that you have

Divide your shares by the current price of the share 

Multiply by the estimated share value in the listing market (This could either be 6 or 8 pounds)


 If you purchase a 50-pound package;

 The current share price is 0.26

 So  50⁄(0.26 )=192 shares    

And if the listing value is 6 pounds

 192 × 6 =1152 pounds 

You have no reason to worry because withdrawing after listing is possible. And for short term investment, the daily ROI can be withdrawn once the ROI is up to 30 pounds. And withdrawal of ROI is usually opened on Wednesdays.

Note that, introducing others to the business only increases your percentage ROI and bonuses. This bonus is 10% of the business volume. This bonus is gotten from your downline depending on which package they purchase.

So if they purchased the 500-pound package, you will get a bonus of 50 pounds. Again, the bonus will be rewarded to you once for that specific purchase. But there are more bonuses, this one is called the Binary Bonus and it is actually of 2 legs once you have 2 persons. 

These people will be placed on your left and right leg. The bonus received here is usually 10% of the total business volume on the weaker leg. For instance, if the volume of the left leg is 1000 pounds and on the right leg is 500 Pounds, you will receive 10% of the weaker leg which has 500 pounds and that will be 50 pounds

Being paid 10% of the weaker leg means 500 pounds will be deducted from your power leg so that you will have 0 pounds on your weaker leg and 500 on your power leg to build a new volume the following week for withdrawal. Withdrawal of bonuses is only possible on Mondays.

In a nutshell, 7 packages are available and you get to choose the position you want to be in the company by buying the allocated shares. This shares ranges from £50 to £5,000. 


1.  ROOKIE £50(50BV) =N30, 000 

2.  BASIC £100(100BV) =N60, 000

3.  START £250(250BV) =N150, 000

4. PREMIUM £500(500BV) =N300, 000

5. EXECUTIVE £1,000(1000BV) =N600, 000

6. PROFESSIONAL £2,500(2,500BV) =N1, 500, 000

7. ELITE £5,000(5,000BV) =N3, 000, 000

The commissions you will earn as an investor with SOLMAX GLOBAL will be returned to you within a maximum of 3 months, 10 days. The return works in the manner explained below;

Return on Daily Investment. 

1% per day, Total 200% 

Sponsor 0 person - get 200% in 200 days, on your investment. 

Sponsor 1 person - get 200% in 170 days, on your investment. 

Sponsor 2 people - get 200% in 150 days, on your investment. 

Sponsor 3 people - get 200% in 100 days, on your investment.

To get your return on investment quickly, it means you need to recruit more people, judging from the explanation, above.

Instant Bonus/Direct bonus (Referral bonuses) - 10% 

For example, if your downline purchases a £ 1000 package, the company pays you £ 100, while £ 50 purchased by your downline pays you £ 5 which is withdrawable immediately. 

10% binary bonus/team bonus on the lowest cumulative leg. 

For this bonus, it is received if you have two downlines. One of them will be placed on your right leg, and the other on your left leg. So the company pays you the lowest fund on any of the legs. 

This means if your right leg has £ 10,000 and your left leg has £ 1000 accumulated, the company pays you 10% of the lowest accumulation. This is in essence is 10% of £ 1000 which is £ 100, which was accumulated on the left leg. 


This bonus is paid depending on the Package you purchased, so the higher your Package, the higher the % earned. Matching Bonus is paid on the gross team bonus paid to all the members.

 LEVEL   Generation.     %

Elite. - £ 5,000 

                               1st.     20%      

                               2nd.     15% 

                               3rd.      10% 

                               4th.      5% 

Total:                              50% 

Professional - £ 2,500 

                               1st.     20%

                               2nd.    15% 

                               3rd.     10% 

Total.                              45% 

Prime - £ 1000 

                               1st.     20%

                               2nd.    15%

 Total.                             35% 

Executive - £ 500   

                              1st.      20%

 Total.                             20%

Reward (PRICE)

This reward for those who have climb up to leadership positions. Those eligible for this reward are people having positions from Regional Broker to Global President. And these ranks include;


>>>Qualified Broker 

>>>Senior Broker 

>>>Regional Broker 

>>Executive Broker 

>>>Senior Executive Broker 

>>>Regional Director 

>>>Senior Director 

>>>National Director 

>>>Vice President 

>>>Senior Vice President 

>>>Global President.

The rewards/awards exclusive to each one of them include;


1,000 Total Volume

400 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least a Broker in my team

Award: Badge 


2,500 Total Volume

1,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least a Broker in my team

Award: Badge


6,000 Total Volume

2,500 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 2 Qualified Broker in my team.

Award: Badge 


15,000 Total Volume

6,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 2 Senior Broker in my team



30,000 Total Volume

12, 5000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 2 Regional Broker in my team



70,000 Total Volume

30,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 2 Executive Broker in my team



150,000 Total Volume

65,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 3 Senior Executive Broker in my team



400,000 Total Volume

150,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 3 Regional Director in my team

Award: ROLEX


1,000,000 Total Volume

400,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 3 Senior Directors in my team



2,500,000 Total Volume

1,100,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 4 National Directors in my team



5,000,000 Total Volume

2,200,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 4 Vice President in my team



10,000,000 Total Volume

4,000,000 Weaker Leg

Qualification: At least 5 Senior Vice President in my team


The requirement for earning this ranks awards include; 

Your  SOLMAX ACCOUNT has to be verified

If you have multiple accounts, only one of the accounts is eligible for an award per rank.

If your account is owned by 2 people, only one award per rank will be given out.

Broker ranks can be redeemed as funds to the cash account as well. From the director and above ranks, awards can only be redeemed at the SOLMAX events.

Car awards will have SOLMAX Global design stickers on them that must remain unchanged.

Other rewards they receive include;


MacBook Pro 

Rolex wristwatch 

Mercedes Benz 



Rolls Royce

Note that the company allows you to sell/monetize your rewards if you want to.


It’s simply the club of "ELITE." Partners, and the criteria for receiving these bonuses include; 

Member should have purchased Elite or higher Package.

Membership is only limited to the first 100 members per country on a first come first serve basis.

Finally, this bonus is paid on daily basis.

The bonus paid here is 2% of the sales and if this equals to £ 60, 000, the allocation will be divided between the 100 members in this club. Therefore, each member will receive £600. 


The i100 promotional bonus is rewarded to members for the purchase of the Igniter Academy Package. Members can lock these i100 for 12 months and receive an additional 100% token or decide to receive up to 2% DAILY promotional tokens, depending on the number of persons referred to the company. 

Note that, 75% of these i100 tokens will be transferred to Open Account and 25% of these tokens will be paid in Saving Account.

However, if you choose not to lock it, 75% of these token is withdrawable and you can withdraw it, as long as it’s up to £30 and above.

But, if you want to lock your tokens/shares up until it is listed in the UK listing market, here are the rewards you will receive on your different packages available for purchase.

ROOKIE Package

£50 = N30, 000 

Will give you 185 shares.

Share value: £6 each

(Note: The share value used here is the evaluated price that it may be equal in the 1st quarter of 2021)

Total share Value: N666, 000

BASIC Package

£100 = N60, 000

Will give u 370 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value: N1, 332, 000

START Package

£250 = N150,000

Will give u 925.9 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value: N3, 333, 240

PREMIUM Package  

£500 = N300, 000

Will give u 1851.8 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value: N6, 666, 480


£1,000 = N600, 000

Will give u 3703.7 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value: N13, 333, 320


£2,500 = N1,500, 000

Will give u 9,259 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value: N33,332, 400

ELITE Package

£5,000 = N3, 000, 000

Will give u 18,518.5 shares.

Share Value: £6 each.

Share Value:

N66, 666, 600

To wrap it all up, investing with SOLMAX GLOBAL is the right route to your financial freedom. Do not wait till tomorrow. Become a member today, and start enjoying the large areas of benefit by clicking the link below;

                       click here to register/signup 

                     click here  to  Know more  



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